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Sailormoon Anime Episode Summaries

The following episode summaries are based on fansubs I have. As you know, fansubs are often inaccurate, but when I wrote the summaries, they were currently the best resources I had. Fansubs for Sailormoon S and SuperS come from VKLL. Episode titles come from the fansubs, but some translations come from Hitoshi Doi's Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon page. Though most information comes from the fansubs, I do use my preferred names, spellings, and speeches. (For instance, I refuse to use VKLL's speeches for Uranus and Neptune, and I will never use "Masked Tuxedo".) I'm aware of the iffiness of fansubs, but for general purposes, I think they're fine. (Unless, of course, they're totally wrong.)

I've completed all of Sailormoon S and have done some summaries for SuperS. I've decided that I won't be summarizing the remaining episodes and seasons, but you can find good episode summaries for all five seasons at Hitoshi Doi's site.

Sailormoon S (Super)
Logo SMS

  • Episode 90: "Chikyuu houkai no yokan? Nazono shinsenshi shutsugen"
  • Episode 91: "Ai no rod tanjou! Usagi no atarashii henshin"
  • Episode 92: "Sutekina bishounen!? Tenoh Haruka no himitsu"
  • Episode 93: "Usagi no akogare! Yuubi no tensai Michiru"
  • Episode 94: "Pure na kokoro wo mamore! Teki mikata mitsu tomoe ransen"
  • Episode 95: "Koi no otasuke ha Moon ni omakase"
  • Episode 96: "Reikokuna Uranus? Makoto no pinch"
  • Episode 97: "Mizu no labyrinth! Neraareta Ami"
  • Episode 98: "Tomodachi wo sukue! Moon Uranus rengou"
  • Episode 99: "Otokono yasahisa! Yuuichirou Rei ni Shitsuren?"
  • Episode 100: "Sailor Senshi wo yametai?! Minako no nayami"
  • Episode 101: "Usagi namida. Tanjoubi ni glass no kutsu wo"
  • Episode 102: "Ubaareta pure na kokoro. Usagi zettai zetsumei"
  • Episode 103: "Yattekita chicchana bishoujo senshi"
  • Episode 104: "Tomodachi wo motomette! Chibimoon no katsuyaku"
  • Episode 105: "Power ga hoshii! Mako-chan no mayaoi michi"
  • Episode 106: "Unmei no kizuna! Uranus no tooi hi"
  • Episode 107: "Geijutsu ha ai no bakhuhatsu! Chibi-usa no hatsukoi"
  • Episode 108: "Usagi no dance he waltz ni notte"
  • Episode 109: "Shougeki no toki! Akasareta tagai no shoutai"
  • Episode 110: "Uranus-tachi no shi? Talisman shutsugen"
  • Episode 111: "Seihai no shinpi na chikara. Moon nidan henshin"
  • Episode 112: "Shin no messiah ha dare? Hikari to kage no chaos"
  • Episode 113: "Youki tadayou ie. Bishoujo Hotaru no himitsu"
  • Episode 114: "Idol daisuki! Nayameru Mimete"
  • Episode 115: "Chinmoku no kage?! Awaki Hotaru hino yurameki"
  • Episode 116: "Arashi nochi hare! Hotaru ni sasageru yuujou"
  • Episode 117: "Yori takaku yori tsuyoku! Usagi no ouen"
  • Episode 118: "Makuu no Tatakai! Sailor Senshi no Kake"
  • Episode 119: "Chinmoku no Messiah Kakusei? Unmei no Hoshiboshi"
  • Episode 120: "Ijigen kara no Shinryaku! Mugen Gakuen no Nazo"
  • Episode 121: "Kokoro wo ubau youka! Daisan no majou Tellu"
  • Episode 122: "Ai wo shinjite! Ami, kokoroyasasiki senshi"
  • Episode 123: "Hametsu no kage! Chinmoku no messiah no mezame"
  • Episode 124: "Semari kuru yami no kyoufu! Kusen no 8 senshi"
  • Episode 125: "Kagayaku Ryuusei! Saturn soshite kyuuseishu"
  • Episode 126: "Atarashiki seimei! Unmei no hoshiboshi betsuri no toki"
  • Episode 127: "Senshi no jikaku! Tsuyosa ha jun na kokoro no naka ni"

    Logo SuperS

  • Episode 128: "Unmei no deai! Pegasus no mau yoru"
  • Episode 129: "Super henshin futatabi! Pegasus no power"
  • Episode 130: "Mamore Haha no Yume! W Moon no Shin Hissatsu Waza"
  • Episode 131: "Pegasus wo toraero! Amazon no Wana"
  • SuperS TV Special
  • Episode 132: "Oniai no Futari! Usagi to Mamoru no Ai"
  • Episode 133: "Artemis no Uwaki? Nazo no Koneko Toujou"
  • Episode 134: "Makoto no Yuujou! Tenba ni akogareta Shoujo"
  • Episode 135: "Fureau kokoro! Chibi-usa to Pegasus"
  • Episode 136: "Mamoru wo mamore! Ninja Usagi no Yakimochi"

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