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Seramyu Screenshots and Scans

The screenshots are made by Asynca and are from the SailorStars revision.

Haruka slightly jealous of Michiru talking to the 
Three Lights Haruka after sensing something from Seiya Setsuna comforting Usagi
Sailor Iron Mouse popping up from behind MC Fly Michiru telling the senshi about the strange things happening to her The Three Lights presenting themselves

The following are scans from the Best Collection CD booklet.

The Amazon Trio from the SuperS musical The Three Lights sing Chasin After You The Inners, 3 Lights, Haruka, and Michiru perform La Fatalite
Roof Mellow and her men from Kaguya Shima Densetsu Dark Plazma and his henchwomen from Kaguya Shima Sailor Senshi singing Everyone is Loved by Someone

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