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Sailormoon Musical Miscellaneous

These are comments on miscellaneous Sailormoon musical videos and CDs. Most of the videos you can't buy unless you attended the actual musicals and fan day events in Japan. I have a link in the Links section to a site that has copies of the specials, omakes, and fan day events.

Memorial Album of the Musical: Sailormoon Best Soundtrack
The CD number for this is Columbia COCC-14373. It features select BGM from the first musical up to Eien Densetsu.

Memorial Album of the Musical: Best Theme Songs 1993-1999
The CD number is Columbia COCX-30329. This features selected theme songs from all the musicals through Kaguya Shima Densetsu. I don't have this CD.

Memorial Album of the Musical: Best Songs Collection
The CD number is Columbia COCX-30781. This CD has selected songs from all the musicals through Kaguya Shima Densetsu in the CD as well as DJing by Mochizuki Yuuta (Tuxedo Kamen in the First Stage, King Endymion in the Second Stage, also Count Dracula) and Kasahara Ryuuji (MC Fly, Chaos, Undead Berserk). It also has the voting results for favorite songs.

Sailor Moon - Best Sound Track 2

Sailormoon Musical Ongaku Shuu
The number for the video is YYV-027 from Bandai. Hosted by Morino Ayako as Sailormercury, and Ohyama Anza as SuperSailormoon, it features clips of different songs from Sailormoon until SuperS.

Sailormoon SailorStars Video Guide

Sailormoon the Final First Stage Last Day
Special Performance of Final First Stage being the last staging of the First Stage with Ohyama Anza and most of the other senshi including Morino Ayako and Kimura Sanae. It's really hilarious whenever it can be, but it's also sad at the end when everyone is crying. It includes backstage glances as well as the musical itself.

Sailormoon Eien Densetsu Omake

Sailormoon Eien Densetsu Eikyuu Hozonban
A special fan-day event for Eien Densetsu the Final First Stage. This is REALLY funny, the funniest out of any of the fan-day events I've seen. It's also the most complete out of the rest that I've seen too. For instance, Saito Rei, Sailorpluto, comes out wearing pink ribbons and bows in her hair, singing cutely to Chibi-usa's Sailormoon S song in her attempts to seduce Tuxedo Kamen away from Usagi. Okuyama Momoko, Yaten, sings "I Miss You" with Anza, Sailormoon, and at the end puckers up for a kiss. The senshi sing lots of songs, some singing their own songs- the Outer Senshi all sing their own image songs- while parodizing others- like Usagi, Pluto, and Jupiter singing Chibi-usa's S song. The video also features mini-interviews with each of the actresses and actors out of costume. Plus it has scenes from the Last Day of the Final First Stage on stage and backstage. This is a very cool video.

Shin Densetsu Korin Video Guide
This is the Making of Shin Densetsu Korin. It's cool because it shows the actresses trying out for the roles of the Sailor Senshi (before they knew of course). It features them in the press conference dressed up in their outfits and giving statements; Hara Fumina, Sailormoon, dressing up as Eternal Sailormoon and attending a radio interview; talking to the staff of the musicals; rehearsing and practicing lines, choreography, and songs; recording the songs for the musicals and the CD; dressing up and posing for photo shoots; and doing mini-interviews for the camera out of costume. This is another cool video to have.

Sailormoon Shin Densetsu Fan Appreciation Day

Sailormoon Kaguya Shima Densetsu Omake

Sailormoon Kaguya Shima Densetsu Spring Digest

Sailormoon Kaguya Shima Densetsu Fan Event

Sailormoon Last Dracule Overture Video Guide
This is the video guide for the Last Dorakuru Jyokyoku musical. It features a lot on Kanbe Miyuki, the third Sailormoon, with her doing some press conferences and a few scenes of her practicing for the musical. The video also features the Sailor Senshi actresses doing photoshoots; mini-interviews with the actresses and their thoughts on the 500th performance; Mochizuki Yuuta and Kasahara Ryuuji and their comments on DJing for the Best Song Collection CD and their thoughts on the musicals; and just some scenes of the actresses fooling around.

Sailormoon Last Dracul Overture Omake
This is a short 20-minute addition to the pre-order of the Dracul musical. It has some scenes from the last day presentation and the good-bye to Gunzi Ayano, the actress for Chibimoon.

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