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Sailormoon Musicals Doujinshi

"Doujinshi" are usually fan-published, fan-created manga. Sailormoon has spawned a LOT of doujinshi, like many popular anime and video game series do, but even Seramyu has doujinshi dedicated to it. Surprise surprise. I've seen a lot of artists draw Seramyu pictures inside normal doujinshi, but there are quite a few doujinshi that are for the Sailormoon musicals only. The following pictures come from several different doujinshi. Please do NOT use or distribute these pictures without asking me first.

The first is "Show Time," the first in a series of Seramyu doujinshi by artists Miki Takai and Terra!! This book is dedicated to the Sailormoon SuperS and Sailormoon S musicals. Miki Takai drew the cover, back, inside pictures, and full-body pictures of all the senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, and the Amazon Trio. Terra!! did some short SD parodies for each senshi in the Sailormoon S section. The Sailormoon S section also features power charts for each senshi. "Show Time" has several other short parodies and stand-alone art by different artists.

The second doujinshi is a hentai, Uranus/Neptune focused doujinshi anthology named Shaking World; it does NOT have anything to do with the Sailormoon musicals other than the front cover, drawn by Miki Takai-san, which features Uranus and Neptune in Seramyu outfits.

Show Time

The following pictures from "Show Time" tend to be large. The full body pictures come from the SuperS musical section have heights of 500 pixels. The short parody strips all have heights of over 1000 pixels so that you can read the text.

Sailormoon on the cover of "Show Time"

SuperSailormercury on the back of "Show Time"

SuperSailormoon from the inside

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, chests up










Mercury's Parody Strip

Mars' Parody Strip

Jupiter's Parody Strip

Venus's Parody Strip

Neptune's Parody Strip

Uranus's Parody Strip

Pluto's Parody Strip

Chibimoon's Parody Strip

Tuxedo Kamen's Parody Strip

Sailormoon's Parody Strip

Shaking World

Uranus and Neptune from the cover of Shaking World

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