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Codename wa Sailor V

Sailor V
Codename Sailor V! The soldier of justice, the sailor suited beautiful soldier, I am Sailorvenus!

The story begins with Aino Minako, a 7th grader, doing gymnastics at school. She's on the bars, and as she lands on the ground, she smashes into a white cat with a crescent moon on his forehead. As you can guess, the cat, Artemis, later confronts Mina with the news that she is Sailorvenus.

Sailor V Items

Mina has several items as Sailor V, which she nicknamed herself, hence the title Codename Sailor V, the V standing for Venus.

  • Crescent moon compact: Used for transforming into other people and attacking. When it's open, the mirror inside reflects the true form of the image in it.
  • A Pen: A communicator device that talks; Artemis listens to it and even drinks some tea with it. Minako uses it to transform into Sailor V.

Sailor V Attacks and Powers

  • Moon Power Make-Up: Her words to become Sailor V.
  • Crescent Beam: Using her crescent compact, she destroys the enemy with a burst of light after showing its true form in the reflection.
  • Sailor V Kick: Her stylized kick.
  • Crescent Moon Power, Transform: What Minako says using her crescent compact to become another person.
  • Crescent Boomerang: Another of V-chan's attacks where she throws her compact like a boomerang.
  • Venus Power: Love Crescent Shower: Using her crescent compact, she lets out a rain against Petite Pandora.

Supporting Cast

  • Hikaru: Minako's best friend. She looks and acts like Mizuno Ami in Sailormoon.
  • Amano: A nerdy boy who likes Minako. He looks exactly like Umino from Sailormoon.
  • Wakagi: A police officer who hates Sailor V for interfering in his work and catching criminals.
  • Wakagi's boss: A lovely woman who secretly likes Sailor V, nicknaming her V-chan. She has a huge poster of V hidden in her office.


  • Higashi: Really Narkissos, who poses as a handsome student at Minako's school. She gets a crush on him, and he's the one who gets her to use the red bow in her hair. Previously she did not wear a bow in her hair.
  • Taku: Not really an enemy, but he is the main conflict in the second volume. He's a perverted video game player who always beats Minako on this one game. When she finally beats him (after playing the newly arrived Sailor V game Artemis dragged in to the Crown Center^^), he gets angry, calling her a boy. She then transforms into this armor suit, but it gets too heavy, and then she transforms into Sailor V. When Taku lifts up her skirt, she Sailor V kicks him, then runs away, realizing he isn't an enemy.

Dark Agency

  • Flourite: The one in charge of the 'Dark Agency', which sends out monsters as idols to take over Tokyo. Sailor V uses her Venus Power to melt her.
  • Pandora: A monster disguised as the idol singer, Pandora. When she attacks Amano, Sailor V comes to his rescue and kills her.
  • Petite Pandora: The sister of Pandora, Petite Pandora gains her male slaves by winking at them. She is ungodly cute.
  • Dark Guys: Triplet singing brothers under the Dark Agency.
  • Twin Dark: The twin sisters of the Dark Guys, who are popular singing idols.

To Sailor V Images

This information was gathered at The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko.

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