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Sailormoon Characters, Attacks, and Powers

The following are all the attacks and powers of the Sailor Senshi, along with the usual statistics and standard information; information on most of the manga enemies; and a listing of some other manga characters.

Note: Although each page has thumbnails, loading still might take a bit. Also, the linked pictures can be very large in size.

Five Inner Senshi in stylish sailor clothes

Sailormoon | Sailormercury | Sailormars

Sailorjupiter | Sailorvenus | Chibimoon

Sailorpluto | Sailoruranus | Sailorneptune | Sailorsaturn

Tuxedo Kamen | SailorStarlights | Princess Kakyuu

Luna, Artemis, Diana | Elios | Phobos and Deimos | Other Guardians

Sailor Quartet | ChibiChibi | SailorCosmos | Other Sailor Senshi

Dark Kingdom | Black Moon | Death Busters | Dead Moon

Shadow Galactica | Evil Sailor Senshi | Misc. Enemies

Other Characters | Parallel Moon

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