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Sailormoon Fanmusic

This section is devoted to Sailormoon fanmusic. I don't know how many people are into this, and I only have two people who've sent submissions so far. So, if you'd like to send in some fan-music or you playing instruments to various songs, please e-mail me them, zipped up (unless it's one MIDI). Include titles and descriptions if you'd like. If they are larger than 1 meg, please e-mail me first WITHOUT the attachments so I can give you an alternate address. Note: I do not accept files of people singing Sailormoon songs however nice your singing may be.

Disclaimer: All music are copywrited by their original artists. Do not use without the artists' permission! A strange, but cool drum version of the Outer Senshi theme song.

Starcrossed: "Originally for an old manga of mine, but has become a Nephrite and Naru lovesong."

Some Kind of Peace: "A Saffir song (why doesn't anyone else love him? *sigh*)"

Ordinary Girl: "An Usagi image song, which is definately the popular fave."

Across So Many Years: "A Setsuna image song, but I'm not particularly fond of it". It's nice though, peaceful and pretty.

Into The Sky: "A Haruka image song, which a lot of ppl found too harsh and hated violently, which I like even if no-one else does."

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