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Sailormoon Death Pictures

Zombie Tux

Dead Pluto
Pluto dies in the Black Moon arc after using the Time Stop.

Dead Mercury and Jupiter
Mercury and Jupiter die in SailorStars.

Dead Venus and Mars
Venus and Mars are killed by Galaxia in SailorStars.

Dead Outers Dead Hotaru
Outer Senshi die in SailorStars.

Dead Mamoru
Mamoru dies in SailorStars.

Dead Starlights
Starlights die.

Evil Senshi
Evil Sailor Senshi are killed by Eternal Sailormoon.

Lethe and Mnemosyne
Probably one of the saddest deaths I've ever seen in the manga. Lethe and Mnemosyne die touching each other's hands like Neptune and Uranus death in the anime.

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