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The Death Busters
Sailormoon S

Souichi Tomoe is the leader of the Death Busters, and his mission is to bring Pharoah 90 into the world. His first appearance is in episode 89, but that was really just a preview scene from Sailormoon S episode 90. Tomoe was originally good, but in an explosion in his lab, his daughter, Hotaru, was killed. An entity appeared, saying that in exchange for him being possessed, it would let Hotaru live. Tomoe agreed, and he was immediately posessed by the daimon Gerumatou, hence the weird eye glass thing. He cultures Hotaru as his Messiah of Silence, allowing an entity to live and grow inside of her; eventually Hotaru becomes fully possessed by Mistress 9. After the explosion in his lab, Tomoe started Mugen Gakuen (which he owns and teaches at) as the headquarters of the Death Busters. Tomoe is a funny character when he's insane. For instance, he gobbles down groceries at frantic paces while sitting outside his locked house, he breaks telephones in fits of rage, and he makes coffee in his lab. Eventually, once the daimon removes itself from him to fight Uranus and Neptune towards the end of S, he becomes good once more; the daimon itself is defeated by the two senshi. Souichi tries to protect Mistress 9 seeing how she's his daughter. At the end of S he loses his memories because of his injuries; he only remembers his baby daughter, Hotaru. Haruka and Michiru return to him baby Hotaru, and he cares for her until SailorStars, when Setsuna comes to take her back.

Kaolinite Kaolinite is a witch type of woman. She too makes her first appearance in R 89/S 90. She's Tomoe's lab assistant, and she has long red hair (that she can use as a weapon) and kind of dead looking skin. Anyway, she is incredibly powerful, has a very revealing red dress, and she goes after the heart crystals with the help of Tomoe's daimon. However, she dies in SMS 102 when the Sailor Senshi use 'Sailor Planet Attack' on her at the top of Tokyo Tower; this weakens her, and then she tries using her attack, but Uranus's 'World Shaking' causes the attack to reflect on herself. She then falls off Tokyo Tower. She is brought back to life by Tomoe and works for him as his assistant Kaori. She falls in love with Tomoe, and in episode 121 she becomes Kaolinite again after Tomoe says he wants the old her back. After that, she gets a new black dress (which is the same one in the manga). However, she is still very possessive over him afterwards. Kaolinite is eventually killed by Mistress 9 in episode 123, having outlived her usefulness.

Eudial The first of the Witches 5, she is the successor of Kaolinite appearing at the end of episode 102, making her major appearance in 103. Eudial has red hair in three pony tails, red eyes, and a red and black outfit. Eudial uses her computer to track down possessors of heart crystals. Using a gun, she can shoot out the heart crystal of a person. Some of Eudial's other inventions are the Fire Buster and the Fire Buster II. (She says in episode 109, "Witches Eudial Fire Buster" in order to use the original one against Sailormoon.) Eudial accomplishes quite a lot, including discovering the identites of the Sailor Senshi and taking the heart crystals from Neptune and Uranus, thereby getting two of the Talismans in episode 110. In 111, though, Meioh Setsuna arrives and draws out the three Talismans, forming the Holy Grail. Eudial and Sailormoon race to get it first, but Sailormoon wins and transforms into SuperSailormoon. Eudial tries to use her Fire Buster against SuperSailormoon, but Moon just repels it back at her. Eudial then attempts to escape from the Marine Cathedral in her car, but "Snail Lady" discovers that the brakes have been removed by Mimete, another Witch. Her car then plummets off a cliff into the ocean.

Mimete The most annoying of the Witches 5, Mimete is childish, immature, and irresponsible. She has short, curly, yellow hair and orange eyes. She is first seen in episode 110, talking to the other Witches about Eudial's failures. Mimete also did mean things to Eudial like placing tacks in her shoes and snails in her locker, not to mention killing off Eudial. After Eudial's death, Mimete she takes the role of head witch. She is sort of perverted in how she does her job. She generally goes after the heart crystals, which are now for the Messiah of Silence's power, of men that she has crushes on who usually reject her in some way. Anyway, her daimons are modeled after cormorants; they swallow the heart crystals of victims and keep them in their throats. Mimete carries around a staff with a star on top, and her attack is "Charm Buster." In one episode she poses as Hagyu Mimi. In episode 120, Mimete dies when she uses a machine created by the late Eudial to make her inside a large TV (calling "Witches Electric Warp"); however, because she tried to trick Tellu, whom Tomoe gave a job to due to Mimete's failures, Tellu appears and pulls her plug, and Mimete plummets into nothingness, having been trapped inside the machine forever.

Tellu The Witch to follow Mimete, Tellu's love is plants. She appears first in episode 120 (though kind of in shadow) and fully in episode 121. In her plot to get heart crystals, Tellu opens up a plant shop full of deadly plants (Telluns or Tellurians) which drain energy and take heart crystals. She even gives a free plant to Hotaru, who gives it to Chibi-usa; Setsuna comes along and smacks the plant away (having a previous bad encounter with one of the plants). Drawing in customers, she closes her shop, and the plants take all of the heart crystals of the people inside. Pluto, Chibimoon, and Sailormoon confront her, going in through the back door, but even Supersailormoon's attack, which destroys all the plants, cannot defeat Tellu. Tellu unleashes one plant that was not killed, and it mutates into a larger one. She arrogantly shows SM, Chibimoon, Pluto, and Tuxedo Kamen, who arrived, her black star which contains the heart crystals. Tuxedo Kamen throws a rose at it, and it shatters, releasing all the crystals. Tellu makes a grab for them, and her mutant plant turns on her, attacking her. Tellu tries to kill it, but they end up killing each other. After her death, Sailormoon finds Tellu's Mugen Gakuen ID, which says that Tellu's name was "Teruno Lulu".

Viluy Viluy's plan in episode 122 involves using computers to take many heart crystals at once. She poses as a brilliant student, Bidou Yui, in Mugen Gakuen and makes friendly advances towards Ami. Haruka and Michiru find Hotaru in an off-limits section of the school, and as they are going to attack her, Ami stops them. Then Viluy arrives and reveals herself to be a Death Buster. She proceeds to attack Haruka and Michiru with her "Mosaic Buster" attack which uses little robots controlled by a computer chip on her bracelet. Ami transforms into Mercury, and she uses her power on Viluy. Viluy is too strong, though, and she attacks Mercury too. The other Inner Senshi arrive, and Haruka and Michiru transform. After a semi-long process, Viluy is killed when she tries to use her "Mosaic Buster" since during the battle the bracelet got damaged, so the little robot thingys attack her instead of the senshi and kill her.

The twins Cyprine is the most powerful of the Witches 5, and her twin sister is equally strong. Cyprine has blue hair and carries a staff with a star, as does Ptilol though she has red hair. They count as one witch and make their appearance in Sailormoon S 123. Cyprine takes the heart crystals of many of the students at Mugen Gakuen, and then she transports the Inner Senshi to her office. The Inner Senshi try attacking her, but Cyprine is way beyond them in terms of power. When Venus catches Cyprine in her chain, Ptilol attacks with her red energy ball. The Inner Senshi are really trashed, since together, Cyprine and Ptilol can absorb any attack they are sent. Mercury uses her Shabon Spray, creating a mist, and then Mars and Jupiter separate the twins. After some clever manuevering, Cyprine and Ptilol launch their attacks at each other, unknowingly, and they kill each other.

Mistress 9 The Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9 is the entity that possesses Tomoe Hotaru; Hotaru periodically has seizures where Mistress 9 controls her for short periods of time. Mistress 9 finally overtakes Hotaru's body when Hotaru swallows Chibi-Usa's heart crystal in episode 123. Mistress 9 has long black hair that she can use as a weapon to strangle her victims. She is extremely powerful, and she serves Master Pharaoh 90. In episode 124, she pretends to be Hotaru to try to deceive Sailormoon, but makes a mistake when she calls Sailormoon "Usagi-san" when Hotaru never knows that Sailormoon is Usagi. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune appear to destroy Mistress 9. In episode 125, Sailormoon takes Uranus and Neptune's attacks to protect Mistress 9, believing that Hotaru is still alive. Mistress 9 later deceives Sailormoon into giving her the Holy Grail by pretending to do one of those 'Ack, I'm going to die, I need it' bit, which the senshi falls for. Once she gets it, she uses it to draw 90 into the world. However, as she is doing that, a blast of energy from the machine Pharaoh 90 is coming out of hits her, and she is considerably weakened, even with Sailormoon and Tomoe Souichi protecting her. While in Souichi's arms, Hotaru inside of Mistress 9 comes back, and using the power of Saturn and her memories of her loved ones, Hotaru overcomes Mistress 9. Mistress 9's body disintegrates with the rebirth of Sailorsaturn.

Master Pharoah 90 The head leader of the Death Busters. At a distance, it resembles some sort of spiky pinwheel. Up close, it's more like a ball with swirling tentacles. Its goal is to bring the world into the Silence, where the entire world is destroyed and covered with red barrenness. Presumably Saturn kills it after she is reborn with "Death Reborn Revolution", but since this isn't shown on screen, we'll never really know. SuperSailormoon might have helped defeat it. It is destroyed in episode 125.

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