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Dead Moon Circus
Sailormoon SuperS

Amazon Trio

Amazon Trio

Meet the Amazon(ian) Trio. They're all male, and they're all transvestites. They were created by Neherenia in the SuperS anime from animals (a hawk, a tiger, and a fish) into humans. They first appear in SuperS episode 128.

Their priority is to find where the Pegasus is hiding to get the Golden Crystal from him. Pegasus hides in a person's dreams, and they intend to find out who the host is by attacking their victims and looking into their Dream Mirrors. They hang out in a bar in their spare time, choosing the victim from a pile of photographs of people based on their preferences. They disguise themselves in order to get close to the victim.

When the times comes, a curtain falls down in front of them, then flies back up, and their disguises have vanished, leaving themselves in their normal outfits. Then they start counting: one, a type of backboard appears, slamming against the victim's back; two, restraint clamps hold down the victim; three, his or her soul mirror is taken out.

The Trio is really supposed to destroy the Dream Mirrors once they find that Pegasus is not in them, but the Sailor Senshi always arrive in time to stop them, saving the day. The Trio flees, leaving behind a lemure to take care of the senshi.


Tigerseye is the one with the orange hair in the center of the picture. He carries a whip around as a weapon. When it's his turn to find a victim, he always goes after the younger women, as he is attracted to those who 'smell fresh' and have 'soft skin'.


The guy with the flame like hair and the dress with the sash, the one on the far left. His victims are always older women. They are more experienced, they have more money in which to spend on him, and they have a nice perfume scent, or so he claims. Obviously, he and Tigerseye often fight over which age group is better. At one time, they even have a competition in which they see who is better at getting the victim- who, it turns out, is Minako. Unfortunately for all three of them, Minako takes Hawkseye and Tigerseye for a spin, dating both of them on the same day at the same time.


Fisheye may look like a girl and sound like one, but he's only a very feminine looking guy. His tastes run to the male gender, which quite frankly disgusts and amazes his two friends. 'He is exactly what we thought he was.' Fisheye is the one in between the arguments generally, and he is the only one who is actually happy when pictures of men show up in the stack. He often disguises himself as either a girl or a feminine man.

In episode 148, after Fisheye discovers that the Amazon Trio don't have dream mirrors, Zirconia and Neherenia reveal to them that they are in fact animals and not really humans. In episode 149, Fisheye discovers that Chibi-usa is the host for Pegasus, but he doesn't want to go after beautiful dreams anymore. Zirconia thinks Usagi is the host and has Hawkseye go after her; Fisheye and Tigerseye follow. Zirconia, though, has one of the Amazoness Quartet send a lemure after the Trio to destroy them. The lemure accidentally destroys Usagi's dream mirror and also purposely kills Hawkseye. Tigerseye and Fisheye then decide to use their life power to rebuild Usagi's mirror; they then die. But because of their sacrifices, Pegasus brings them to "life" again and gives them Dream Mirrors (meaning they are really human), then they become little energy balls which Pegasus takes to a forest and lets them stay.

Amazoness Quartet

CereCere, JunJun, ParaPara, and VesVes »


An weird female thingy that works for Neherenia as Neherenia can't really do much sealed inside the mirror. She gives orders and stuff to the Amazon Trio and the Amazoness Quartet. I'm not sure how she comes into contact with Neherenia, except that when Neherenia's worrying about growing old, Zirconia appears in the mirror. Zirconia has a winged eye, Zircon, that acts as her "camera" and watches over stuff for her. Though she looks old and weak, she has a lot of power, though VesVes nearly defeats her. She disappears when Neherenia is released from the mirror, though later on Neherenia attacks Sailormoon with a Zirconia-like thing shooting from her stomach (lovely).



The beautiful leader of the Dead Moon, she turns to evil when she realizes she can never stay young and beautiful forever. Long ago, she and her powers were sealed into a mirror by Queen Serenity. Apparently the mirror was sent to Earth to the Amazon jungle so that no one could find it. However, Neherenia was awakened from her sleep by the Amazoness Quartet, who's laughs woke her from her sleep. In return, she gave the Quartet magic balls and powers. Newly awakened, she plots on freeing herself from her confinement and taking over the world with the help of the Golden Crystal. For that reason her minions are sent to capture the Pegasus, Elios. Neherenia can only rule in a darkened world since the light prevents her from using her power. She uses Zirconia, the Trio, and the Quartet in her goals, which probably wasn't smart since after betraying the Quartet, they turn on her. Neherenia manages to get the Golden Crystal, but when she doesn't notice, the Quartet switches the Crystal with a golden pineapple, then gives the crystal to the Sailor Senshi. The Senshi activate the crystal and destroy the Dead Moon Circus; Neherenia then manages to kidnap Chibimoon and climbs up these stairs on a piece of the circus that is floating into the sky. On top, she grows old, tells Sailormoon her story, throws Chibimoon into space so that she plummets to the ground, then reseals herself into a mirror so that she can remain young and beautiful forever.

In SailorStars, Neherenia is released from her mirror in 167 to seek revenge on the Sailor Senshi. In actuality, Neherenia is being used by Galaxia to reawaken Sailorsaturn so that Galaxia can get her Star Seed. Neherenia breaks her soul mirror which shatters into millions of pieces which fall to Earth, appearing to be shooting stars. The pieces embed themselves into people's eyes, taking over their minds, including Mamoru's. In this way Neherenia manages to gain power; Neherenia kidnaps Mamoru, causing Chibi-usa to start fading from the timeline. Sailormoon decides to go after Neherenia on her own, and the other Sailor Senshi follow. Neherenia manages to separate the senshi, then seal them inside her mirrors. At last, Usagi is the only one left, and Neherenia starts to beat her up, telling her that she'll never understand the loneliness she had to go through. She becomes furious when Usagi starts crying and taking the abuse, saying that she understands. Usagi's feelings release Mamoru and the other senshi; Neherenia starts attacking all the senshi, and Usagi becomes Eternal Sailormoon. Sailormoon tells Neherenia that she can have her dream, which Neherenia says was to have a friend; Neherenia starts to cry, the mirror which caused the whole situation is destroyed, and then chibi Neherenia wakes up from a bad dream.

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