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The Dark Kingdom

The Four Generals

The four generals work for the Dark Kingdom under Queen Beryl acting as her main minions to do her bidding whether it be to gain energy, find the ginzuishou and to kill the Sailor Senshi.


Jadeite Jadeite is the first of the four generals, appearing in episode 1, and his goal is to obtain energy from the humans on Earth for the Dark Kingdom. He frequently appears on Earth in his many identities (why Usagi can never remember what he looks like is a mystery; he shows up like five times in front of her.) He is mainly a failure in his attempts to gain energy. Eventually he discovers the identities of Moon, Mars, and Mercury in episode 13 after he challenges them to a fight and sees them transform, but Beryl locks him in a crystal block for eternity for messing up so many times, and he is never able to tell anyone his knowledge.


Nephrite Nephrite is the second general, making his arrival in episode 14, and he goes around Earth under a fake name, Sanjouin Masato, trying to gain energy like Jadeite before him. However, since he fails at that, he tries to find the ginzuishou later on. His job forces him to become involved with a human girl, Naru, whom he first thinks is Sailor Moon and then thinks she might have the ginzuishou. He eventually falls in love with her or at least starts to care about her. Nephrite is not on good terms with his fellow general, Zoicite; that turns out to be his downfall. As he's jealous of Nephrite and because Nephrite turns somewhat good anyway, Zoicite has him killed in episode 24.


Zoicite Zoicite is the third general who has Nephrite killed off. He appears pretty early on with Nephrite (I don't remember which episode). His job is to find the seven nijizuishou, which when brought together form the ginzuishou. Zoicite is extremely vain, petty, and feminine. His lover and teacher is Kunzite, the fourth general. Zoicite is killed by Queen Beryl after he attacks Tuxedo Kamen when Beryl told him not to. His last wish is to die pretty, which Kunzite grants him in episode 35 as he dies among flowers.


Kunzite Kunzite is Zoicite's lover and mentor. He works with Zoicite later on to get the seven nijizuishou. The most powerful of the four, he is also the leader of them. After Zoicite dies, he continues to try and trap Sailormoon into giving him the ginzuishou. He dies in episode 44 when he attacks Sailormoon with these boomerang/knife things, but she returns them with her moon stick. They slice him, and he dies.

The Queens

Queen Metallia

A type of mass rather than any substantial form, she's the leader of the entire Dark Kingdom, and she wants control of Earth. When Beryl is hurt in episode 46 after Mamoru, previously brainwashed, evil Prince Endymion, throws a rose at her, Metallia infuses herself into her. However, even her own energy can't defeat Princess Serenity, and she dies when Serenity uses the power of the ginzuishou.

Queen Beryl

Beryl Beryl works for Metallia, but everyone else is underneath her. She wants to rule Earth, and she is in love with Prince Endymion who rejects her. She can't understand why he, the Prince of Earth, wants to be with the Princess of the Moon, but she kills Endymion and Serenity in the past anyway. Beryl in the 20th century kidnaps and brainwashes Mamoru, who becomes evil Prince Endymion, but Sailormoon eventually restores his memories. Beryl confronts Sailormoon with Metallia, but she is killed in episode 46 when Princess Serenity uses the full power of the ginzuishou with the other Sailor Senshi's help.

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