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The Black Moon Family
Sailormoon R (Second Arc)

The Black Moon family is the group of villains from the future in the second arc of R. They are characterized by the upside down black moons are their foreheads. When they are healed, their moons disappear.

The Four Ayakashi Sisters work underneath Rubeus, though he is only using them to find Chibi-usa and the ginzuishou. Later on they also attempt to take over crystal points in Tokyo. They use droids to attack. They first appear in Sailormoon R episode 60 with Rubeus.


Cooan Cooan is the youngest of the Ayakashi Sisters. Her attack is "Dark Fire," and she comes into direct conflict with Rei. Her job is to find the 'Rabbit', or Chibi-usa. In episode 70, Cooan poses as a cosmetics saleswoman and enters the Hikawa Jinja in order to capture Chibi-usa. However, before she can get Chibi-usa, Tuxedo Kamen interferes. Sailormars then uses her "Burning Mandala" against Cooan. At this point, Rubeus arrives; Cooan is in love with Rubeus, and she believes he has come to help her because he loves her. He rejects her love, though, and gives her a bomb with which to destroy Chibi-usa and the Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi destroy the bomb though and confront her, and Cooan goes crazy and attempts to kill the Sailor Senshi. Just as Sailorjupiter is about to attack Cooan, Mars gets between them and protects Cooan, telling her that she believes that Cooan can love and that they can become friends. Cooan becomes healed by Sailormoon to become a normal woman.


Beruche Beruche is the second youngest of the sisters, and her attack is "Dark Water." She is the most "intellectual" of the four, though like her sisters, she is obsessed with how she looks. In episode 71, Beruche is pitted against Ami in a chess match; earlier in the episode, Beruche discovered that Ami was Sailormercury when Ami transformed in front of her to prevent her from taking over the crystal point. When she loses to Ami, she reveals her true identity. When the Sailor Senshi arrive to Mercury's rescue, Beruche captures them, challenging Mercury to another chess match with her friends as the prizes, but every time Mercury loses a piece, she gets frozen. She's about to get all the glory when her two sisters, Karaberas and Petz come to take the credit. Tuxedo Kamen intervenes, releasing all the senshi, and her two sisters leave her to fend for herself. Beruche is so hurt by this, which proves to her that there is no such thing as love, that she is determined to kill herself; however, Cooan comes to convince her otherwise. Beruche is then healed by Sailormoon.


Karaberas Karaberas is the second oldest, and whereas Beruche is to Ami as Cooan is to Rei, she is like Minako. Wearing a bow, she also carries a whip for her attack (similar to Venus's chain). She is evenly matched with Venus as an opponent. Karaberas is usually almost always at odds with her older sister, Petz. In episode 72, when Rubeus gives Petz a powerful staff to use against their traitorous sisters and to discover the identities of the senshi, Petz suddenly becomes power crazed and turns on Karaberas, trying to kill her along with the senshi and her sisters. Karaberas is surprised, though, when the Sailor Senshi ask her if she's alright. Once the situation is resolved, Karaberas is healed by Sailormoon.


Petz Petz is the oldest sister, and her attack is "Dark Lightning." She is secretly in love with Safir, and she tries to help him after he is attacked by Wiseman in episode 86. In episode 72, Rubeus gives Petz a stick to increase her power, and she ends up trying to kill her three sisters and the Sailor Senshi. She doesn't believe them when they tell her that Rubeus is only using her; however, then Rubeus arrives and says that he doesn't care about any of them. Rubeus uses the power of the stick to create a hole to another dimension and leaves to let all of them be killed. Petz tries to destroy the hole and almost falls in, but her sisters rescue her. After the Sailor Senshi destroy the stick, Petz becomes healed by Sailormoon along with Karaberas.

The Black Moon family comes from the 10th planet in the Galaxy called Nemesis, having been banished from Earth due to their hatred of Crystal Tokyo.

Rubeus Rubeus first appears in episode 60. His job is to find Chibi-usa and the future ginzuishou, and he uses the Four Ayakashi sisters to do his dirty work for him. His main priority is to take over the Crystal Points of Tokyo. When the sisters fail him, he tries to kill all of them, though he fails thanks to the Sailor Senshi. He eventually kidnaps the four Inner Senshi in his UFO in episode 73, and then Sailormoon and Chibi-usa confront him in episode 74. He draws them up into his UFO, and due to the black crystal inside of it, he is almost invincible against Sailormoon in his battle against her. However, he underestimates both Sailormoon and Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa, using the energy she can release from her crescent moon, manages to destroy the crystal, allowing Sailormoon to use her Moon Princess Halation on him. Since the crystal is the source of the UFO's power, the destruction of it causes the UFO to self-destruct; the Sailor Senshi and Chibi-usa teleport away, leaving Rubeus alone. Esmeraude appears, and he thinks she's there to save him, but instead she leaves, calling him a failure, and he dies when his UFO explodes. Kaboom


Esmeraude Esmeraude is the green haired woman who takes the place of Rubeus upon his death, first appearing in episode 74. She uses statues of herself, as constructed by Safir on her order, in order to allow dark energy to grow in certain special spots, where upon with enough energy, the Black Gate will be created and then Black Moon family can destroy the world. She is a very vain woman, and she carries around a fan everyplace she goes; her laugh is extremely loud, annoying and boisterous, and even though she's beautiful and she knows it, she's not really that great. (In one episode a dog urinates on her shoe twice... Jupiter calls her 'Old Lady' a few times too.) Esmeraude is in love with Demando, but he does not feel the same for her, and she is insanely jealous of Sailormoon (whom he does 'love'). Esmeraude eventually dies after Wiseman convinces her that she'll become the Black Moon's Queen by putting on a special crown; the crown, though, turns her into a dragon after being fixed on top of her head. As the dragon begins to attack the palace in Crystal Tokyo, the Sailor Senshi arrive and kill it, not knowing that it's really Esmeraude.


Safir Safir is the younger brother of Prince Demando. His first appearance is in episode 75. Safir provides Esmeraude with her little statuettes. He is extremely dedicated to his older brother, worrying about him constantly and Wiseman's true intentions. He never completely trusts Wiseman, and when he overhears the other saying how he's only using the Black Moon family in episode 86, Safir removes a vital part of the growing black crystal that Wiseman needs to call forth Death Phantom. However, Wiseman attacks him after he runs off to 20th century Tokyo, later telling Demando that he has betrayed their family. Fortunately, Safir receives help from the Ayakashi sisters (as normal humans). He goes back to tell Demando about Wiseman, but Wiseman kills him before he can say anything. When he dies, his black moon is revealed to have disappeared.

Prince Demando

Demando Demando is the head of the Black Moon family making his first entry into the anime in episode 75. He comes from Nemesis and decides he wants his people to live on Earth instead, but because of Wiseman, he feels he must kill the civilization already living there first. He is obsessed with Neo-Queen Serenity and her beauty, and when he sees Sailormoon, he knows that the two are the same. He kidnaps Usagi, and he tries to make her his queen, but Tuxedo Kamen rescues her in episode 83. In episode 87, Demando tries to force Sailormoon to love him, but she resists and asks him why he wants to take over the world. Demando tells her it is because his people and the people of Earth can't live together, then he remembers that Safir was trying to tell him about Wiseman. He finally realizes that he is being used by Wiseman, and when Wiseman arrives, he turns on him. He protects Sailormoon from Wiseman's attack, then uses all of his energy to "destroy" Wiseman. He then dies.

Black Lady

Black Lady Black Lady is really Chibi-usa, brainwashed by Wiseman and having her memories of her family and friends twisted and warped so that she believes they hate her. Chibi-usa transforms into Black Lady in episode 85. Her only 'friend,' so she claims, is Luna-P, which interestingly enough has its sign turned into a Black Moon symbol (whereas in the manga, she rejects it as an annoying toy). Usagi, using the ginzuishou, almost reverts her back to normal, but Wiseman intervenes and messes with her memories some more, so she remains Black Lady. In their final confrontation with the death of the Black Moon family, Black Lady attacks Sailormoon with all her strength. However, Usagi becomes Neo-Queen Serenity, and with Tuxedo Kamen, she revives Black Lady's memories so that she becomes Chibi-usa again.

Wiseman / Death Phantom

Wiseman Wiseman is Death Phantom, an exile from Earth. He uses the Black Moon family to try to seek revenge and destroy Earth. Chibi-usa as Princess Serenity and Usagi as Neo-Queen Serenity destroy him using the two ginzuishou in episode 88.

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