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More Animamates Info:

The Animamates work beneath SailorGalaxia as her minions. She can kill them off easily and quickly, which is useful for when they repeatedly fail at obtaining the Star Seeds. When Galaxia makes a motion with her hand, their bracelets are hooked together against their will, and when she pulls her fingers in, the bracelets disappear. As the bracelets are what keep them alive, the Animamates vanish as soon as those objects are gone.

When the Animamates walk around in public, they wear gangster-like clothing. Their main mode of transportation is a telephone booth that teleports them around Tokyo.

Iron Mouse Iron Mouse is the first of the Animamates to appear, making her initial debut in SailorStars episode 173. As her name suggests, she resembles a mouse: she has two white balls on her head that look like mouse ears, and she even has a tail. Her white outfit is rather puffy. She assumes the identity of Nezu Chuuko, a TV producer, and like all the Animamates, she has a fixation for gangster clothing. In episode 181, she is killed by Galaxia, due to her failure to find Star Seeds, although she knows that Seiya is Starfighter.

The Siren Aluminum Siren is one of the two successors to Iron Mouse, and her first major appearance is in episode 182. Her attack is called "Galactica Tsunami." She has long blue-white hair and blue eyes. Her civilian identity is known as Aya Reiko. Aluminum Siren is very ditzy, and she is always complaining or eating. In one episode, she looks at a cherry blossom that indicates the Outer Senshi have arrived, and she smiles at it saying how pretty it is. In another episode, she gives Eternal Sailormoon her card as an introduction. She is killed by Galaxia in episode 188, even though she knows who the Sailor Team and the Starlights are.

Lead Crow Lead Crow is the other successor to Iron Mouse, and she is both Aluminum Siren's partner and rival. They actually make a good team, but Lead Crow, the more serious of the pair, becomes frequently impatient with Aluminum Siren. Lead Crow has reddish hair, a ruddy complexion, and dark eyes, and her uniform is red with black feathers in back. When she's posing as a human, she is known as Karasuma Akane, and she has a dark vest and pale, creamy colored pants. In spite of her often rude attitude towards Aluminum Siren, she does care very much for her, and she intensely dislikes having Tin Nyanko as her new "partner." Lead Crow discovers the identity of Sailormoon by reading Aluminum Siren's diary. She confronts Sailormoon in episode 193; just as she's about to get Moon's star seed, she's blasted by Tin Nyanko, drops her special capsule with a black hole in it, and is then drawn into the black hole.

Tin Nyanko Tin Nyanko is the last Animamate and also the most devious. She wears a fuku that looks like a cat's, hence her name. She has black pointy ears, her fuku is black, and she wears yellow bells. In normal clothes, she goes by the name of Suzu. She agrees to work with Lead Crow in episode 189, but in 193 she helps kill off her partner. In episode 194, she becomes partially healed by Eternal Sailormoon, and since one of her bracelets is gone, she turns half-white, half-black. In episode 195, Galaxia finishes off Tin Nyanko by removing the other bracelet.

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