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More Animamates Info:



Galaxia is the new enemy in SailorStars, the legendary Sailor Senshi whose power is unrivaled. She is the one who frees Neherenia from her prison in the first arc of SailorStars in order to awaken Sailorsaturn in episode 167. Galaxia makes her first visual appearance in episode 173. Galaxia has taken over many planets in the universe already, and she destroyed the Starlights' home. She is currently looking for the Star Seeds with which she can take over the entire galaxy.

The "golden queen" initially kills off Mamoru in SailorStars episode 173 (though the battle itself isn't shown until 197), which is why Usagi never hears anything from him after he departs for Harvard University. Galaxia sends out her henchwomen, the Animamates, to track down the other Star Seeds. However, her Animamates repeatedly fail, and even when they do succeed at something, Galaxia kills them before they can give her their important information. After Princess Kakyuu is discovered, Galaxia kills her, then later the Sailor Team as they try to protect the Starlights in 196. Galaxia is extremely powerful, and none of the Outer Senshi's attacks can even touch her. Recognizing this, Uranus and Neptune give Galaxia their star seeds and become her servants. Uranus and Neptune proceed to kill Pluto and Saturn; they later turn against Galaxia in an attempt to kill her, but since she has no star seed, this fails, and they are killed instead.

Despite all this killing of people and conquering of planets, Galaxia is actually good and very pretty in her normal state with incredibly long (not as long as Mistress 9's hair though) hair that alternates between goldish yellow and red. Actually Galaxia is only posessed by Chaos. She really wants to save the galaxy from destruction. In her past, in order to defeat Chaos, she had to seal Chaos within her body. But she knew that Chaos was taking over, so she sent the hope of her star seed away so that someone would find it, and it (who ChibiChibi really is) finds Sailormoon. Sailormoon rids Chaos from Galaxia's body in their final fight in episode 200, appealing to Galaxia's inner good to break free, and the once evil golden senshi becomes her true self again. Sailormoon tells Galaxia that Chaos is now in everyone's hearts, where it belongs, rather just in one person (previously Galaxia). Then Galaxia releases the star seeds and disappears.

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