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The Amazoness Quartet
More Quartet Info:

The Amazoness Quartet

The Amazoness Quartet appears first in shadows in the episode before the Amazon Trio dies. Awakened from their sleep, they are the ones who ultimately send out the final lemure who kills the Trio in SuperS 149. The Quartet revels in being childish; the girls firmly believe that turning into adults ends all dreams, and whenever a kid says he/she wants to become an adult, the Quartet begins to laugh hysterically.

The Quartet originally lived in the Amazon. They were playing when suddenly they discovered a mirror in the middle of a lake. The mirror began to speak to them, saying that their laughs had awakened it. In return for their unintentional favor, Neherenia in the mirror gives them magical powers in the form of four colored balls. By having these balls, they also gain the ability to remain children forever. The Quartet therefore trusts Neherenia fully.

However, the Quartet isn't the best behaved group of girls. They often cause trouble for Zirconia and Neherenia. When Zirconia first orders them to seek the Golden Mirror, the Quartet balks at the orders. VesVes even challenges Zirconia in a fight, and Zirconia only barely defeats her. The Quartet then gives in to Zirconia, though they continue to cause trouble for her, constantly playing pranks and not taking anything seriously. They also even decide that they want Pegasus's power for themselves, and they steal him from Zirconia.

Eventually Neherenia reveals how she doesn't need the Quartet, and she allows Zirconia to drain them of their energy in episode 164. The Quartet realizes that if they destroy the magic balls that Neherenia gave them they can be free, but then they'll eventually become adults. The Sailor Senshi tell them, however, that dreams don't die when you grow older, so the Quartet then destroys the balls. Their last major job as the Quartet is to steal the Golden Crystal from Neherenia in episode 165, replacing it instead with a pineapple (ParaPara's idea). They then give the Golden Crystal to Sailormoon.

At the end of SuperS, they become normal girls.


ParaPara is the insane one of the Quartet. Extremely childish, whenever she wants to say something about herself, she says, "ParaPara wants" or "ParaPara thinks" or "ParaPara likes," et cetera. Although the others sometimes dismiss her as simply a little girl, she can at times freak them out. In one episode, she is playing with a dentist doll and a patient doll. The patient doll complains of a toothache, and the dentist's solution is simple- ParaPara rips the head off of the patient doll so there is no more pain... Her magic ball is blue.


  JunJun is the acrobatic one of the group. Sort of like VesVes, she's impetuous and pretty tough. Her magic ball is green. [More description after I rewatch SuperS.]


VesVes can be considered a leader (I guess, more or less). Pretty impetuous, she was the one who decided to go against Zirconia's authority and battle her. Her magic ball is red. [More description after I rewatch SuperS.]


CereCere's favorite thing is flowers. While she appears to be the most quiet and nicest on the surface, she's really not. She can be devious when she wants to, and she's actually pretty snobby. In one episode, when she targets a painter, she has him paint a portrait of her. She takes one look at the picture and throws a fit because she thinks it is terrible and looks nothing like her, even though the portrait is very life-like. Her magic ball is yellow.

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