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Aliens of the Makaiju
Sailormoon R (First Arc)

Ail and Ann

The aliens mentioned are the villains from the first arc of R. They appear in the anime as filler enemies since they do not appear in the manga. The aliens make their first appear in Sailormoon R's episode 47 and leave in episode 59.


Ail is the male part of the duo. He comes to the Earth with Ann, his lover, and they pretend to be students at Juuban Junior High School. His human identity is Ginga Seijuurou, brother of Ginga Natsumi, and a third yearer. Though he and Ann are close, Ail falls in love with Usagi. Ail brings forth cardians from tarot cards using his special flute. Their mission is to gain energy for the Makaiju, a tree that causes them to live. However, the Makaiju becomes violent when fed too much of the energy Ail and Ann have gathered; it attacks Ail, but Ann runs in front of him to protect him and is killed by the Makaiju. The Makaiju then reveals that it, as the mother of Ail and Ann, went into sleep to give energy to them and awakened when it came into contact with Sailormoon. However, Ail and Ann were wrong in wanting to steal energy for it, since what it needed to survive was love, not energy. Afterwards, Sailormoon purifies the Makaiju, and it gives its energy to Anna, reviving her. Then Ail and Ann take the remaining part of the Makaiju into space to help it grow again.


Ann is Ail's lover, coming with him to Earth for energy. She is quite nasty, and she is incredibly jealous of Ail's infatutation with Usagi, ignoring the fact that she is in love with Mamoru. Her identity on Earth is Ginga Natsumi, in the second year and in the same class as Usagi. More vindictive than her lover, Ann finally shows the good part of her by throwing herself in front of Ail to prevent him from being killed by the Makaiju. Before dying, she realizes what love is. Once revived by the last remaining strength of the Makaiju, she wishes to start anew with her partner. At the end of episode 59, she leaves Earth with Ail with the sapling.

Natsumi and Seijuurou

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