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My Sailor Moon Cels

Neptune held captive by Mistress 9

This is a neat cel of Sailor Neptune from one of the last episodes in Sailor Moon S. She and Uranus are being held captive by Mistress 9's hair. Part of the hair is slowly retreating from Neptune's neck. The hair actually has a purple highlight, and there are really light sweatdrops on Neptune's forehead that you can't see in the scan- the cel's colors are prettier but the scanner made everything dark. Anyway, I really like this cel. It comes with a pencil drawing and a background.

SMS Uranus and Neptune

This is of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon S episode 99. Neptune and Uranus have just watched the Sailor Team defeat To-den, the daimon that took Yuuichirou's heart crystal. They're leaving in this cel. I think its pencil sketch is stuck onto the cel. It's a nice shot of them anyway.

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