Goddess of Pluto: Meioh Setsuna
Sailor Pluto, whose civilian identity is Meioh Setsuna, first appears in the Black Moon arc of the manga and the Sailor Moon R season of the anime.

Name: Meioh Setsuna
Meaning: Moment Dark King
Birthday: October 29
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Shopping
Sports: Gymnastics/Exercise
Favorite Color: Dark Red
Favorite Class: Physics
Least Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Food: Tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Hopes To Go To: Caribbean
Fortune Tells: Weather Fortune Telling
Bad Habit: Feeling depressed
Skilled At: Sewing
Weak Point: Cochroaches
Favorite Stone: Garnet
Seiyuu: Kawashima Chiyoko

Anime and Manga Story
Pluto is introduced late in the Sailor Moon R anime. She is quite different from the other five Sailor Senshi. Armed with the Garnet Rod, Pluto's main duty is to guard over the space-time door. She cannot leave her post; as such, she is a solitary soldier, and her only friend is Small Lady (Chibi-usa). Chibi-usa calls Pluto "Pu." The threat in the R anime is from the Black Moon clan. Although Pluto assists the five Sailor Soldiers in their battle, she does not actually fight; instead, she remains at her post.

The Black Moon arc of the manga is pretty much the same as the R anime, except that Pluto leaves the space-time door in order to help the Sailor Senshi. She uses one of her forbidden powers, "Time Stop," to stop time before Prince Demando can use the two ginzuishou; this enables the Sailor Soldiers to successfully regain the ginzuishou, but it also kills Pluto. Pluto's death, however, causes Black Lady to revert back into Chibi-usa, who then transforms into Sailor Chibimoon.

In the Sailor Moon S anime, Meioh Setsuna appears midway through the season. She introduces herself to Usagi as a long-time acquaintance of Haruka and Michiru. She informs Usagi where Uranus and Neptune are going so that Usagi can save them from danger. During Sailor Moon's battle with Eudial, Setsuna transforms into Sailor Pluto, and she reveals that she has one of the Talismans, the Garnet Orb, which reacts with Uranus and Neptune's Talismans to produce the Holy Grail. For the rest of the season, Pluto fights with Uranus and Neptune against the Death Busters, assisting them in their search for the Messiah and joining in their decision to kill Hotaru before Sailor Saturn can awaken. Towards the end of the season, she appears to die in a helicopter explosion after stopping time to save Uranus and Neptune. However, some form of her later speaks to Chibi-usa, informing the girl that she will see Hotaru again.

In the Infinity manga, Setsuna is the reincarnation of the Sailor Pluto from the future. In this life, Setsuna is a university student. She also works with Haruka and Michiru to fight the Death Busters and to kill Hotaru, the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn. After the Death Busters have been defeated, Setsuna leaves with Haruka and Michiru to raise baby Hotaru.

Although Pluto does not appear in the SuperS anime, except (inexplicably) in the movie, in the corresponding arc of the manga (the Dream arc), Setsuna lives in a mansion with Haruka, Michiru, and their adopted daughter Hotaru. The three Outer Senshi are unable to transform until Hotaru gives them power-ups; they then join the rest of the Sailor Soldiers in fighting the Dead Moon.

In the Neherenia arc of the SailorStars anime, Setsuna returns to take Hotaru from Tomoe Souichi, as she knows Hotaru's power will be needed. Sailor Pluto saves Haruka and Michiru from Neherenia's Mirror Paredories. She receives her power-up from Hotaru and becomes Super Sailor Pluto. She joins the Sailor Team in fighting against Neherenia. She then appears intermittently throughout the rest of the SailorStars anime, usually in the company of Uranus and Neptune to warn the Sailor Team to be wary of the Starlights. Her main purpose, however, is to be killed off by Galaxia for her star seed, which Uranus and Neptune are responsible for. Pluto is later revived after Chaos is defeated.

In the SailorStars manga, Setsuna works as a nurse at Hotaru and Chibi-usa's elementary school. She is killed off with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn when her Sailor Crystal is stolen by Galaxia.

Anime and Manga Powers

Setsuna's very cool in the manga. In the anime, she's not given much airtime, however, so she comes off as mysterious and aloof. In my opinion, anime Setsuna is a bit distant, reserved, though she has a soft spot for Chibi-usa. She's obviously nice, but she isn't exactly "friendly" per se. In the manga, Pluto has more depth and is more of a tragic figure. After she's reincarnated as Setsuna, she experiences more freedom and more of a normal life, things she could not experience in her previous life as Sailor Pluto. I obviously greatly prefer Setsuna in the manga.


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