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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Movie Clips

The following video clips are taken from the live-action drama series Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, all from the Toei region 2 DVDs. Therefore, the audio and video quality is EXCELLENT (640x480 progressive video, 48 KHz stereo audio).

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may these video clips be taken from this website and placed on any other website, FTP server, peer-to-peer file-sharing network, IRC file server, newsgroup, or etc.

I spent too much money acquiring these expensive DVDs in order to provide these video clips for you all to enjoy just to see my hard work stolen and my money wasted. Please remember that I could have easily placed a watermark on all of these clips reading "The Sailor Senshi Page" at the expense of video quality, but I didn't hoping in good faith that no one would take credit away from me. That said, please enjoy the superb quality of these clips!

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Opening 1
Kirari*Sailor Dream! MP3 (DVD Version 1)
Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Opening 2
Kirari*Sailor Dream! MP3 (DVD Version 2)
Moon Prism Power! Make-up! Moon's Intro
Moon Tiara Boomerang! Moon Twilight Flash!
Moon Healing Escalation! Moonlight Attractive Attack!
Mercury Power! Make-up! Mercury's Intro
Mercury Aqua Mist! Shine Aqua Illusion!
Dark Power! Make-up!
Mars Power! Make-up! Mars' Intro
Akuryou Taisan! Youma Taisan!
Jupiter Power! Make-up! Jupiter's Intro
Supreme Thunder! Flower Hurricane!
Jupiter Thunderbolt!
Venus Power! Make-up! Venus' Intro
Venus Love-me Chain!
Luna Prism Power! Make-up! Luna's Intro

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