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Tuxedo Kamen: Manga
More Tuxedo Kamen:

Tuxedo Kamen

As Chiba Mamoru, he goes to Moto Azabu High School, a very exclusive private school where he is initially in the 11th grade. Tuxedo Kamen is also Prince Endymion in his past and King Endymion in his future. He lived as Prince Endymion in the Golden Kingdom, which is connected to Elysion, which is the holy land that protects Earth. In Elysion is the Priest (H)elios who is his protector. Mamoru has the Golden Crystal, the object of the Dead Moon Circus's desire, inside of him.

When Mamoru was six years old, his parents died in a car crash and he lost his memory. He received visions for him to get the ginzuishou to restore his memory. He has no surviving relatives (that he knows of anyway). In the future, he is married to Neo-Queen Serenity and has one daughter, Lady Serenity (Small Lady).

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber
His attack which he receives in the Black Moon Arc
Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber

His transformation in the Infinity Arc

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