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Parallel Moon

"Parallel Moon" is the parody manga at the end of the sixth artbook, the Materials Collection book. "Parallel Moon" is an alternate timeline (alternate universe) manga and focuses on the children of the Sailor Team. All ten original Sailor Senshi make an appearance.

Tsukino Kousagi

Tsukino Kousagi
Kousagi is Usagi's second child after Chibi-usa. Her name means "second Usagi." She has pink hair in four buns (two on each side of her head) and blue eyes. She's even worse than Usagi, but she's also only in the 3rd grade. None of Usagi's friends' daughters like Kousagi, and they always pick on her. Kousagi is nicknamed "Chibi" by the adults. She actively hates cats. In the parody, she transforms into a Sailor Senshi with bunnies instead of hearts as her symbols.

Aino Mina

Aino Mina
Minako's eldest daughter is Aino Mina, who is in the 3rd grade. She has a ribbon in her blond hair- the style is similar to her mother's bow- and blue eyes. Her name is written in katakana instead of kanji or hiragana.

Kino Mako with the nameless new Kitty

Kino Mako
Makoto's eldest daughter in the 3rd grade. Mako has her brown hair in a ponytail similar to her mother's hairstyle, but instead of beads she uses a blue-green ribbon. Her name is written in katakana, not hiragana.

Hino Rei

Hino Rei
Rei's eldest daughter in the 3rd grade is Hino Rei. Rei has violet hair that falls straight down her back like her mother; she also has violet eyes. Her name is written in katakana, not hiragana.

Mizuno Ami
Mizuno Ami
Ami's eldest daughter, in the 3rd grade, is Mizuno Ami. The original Ami has her name written in kanji, but daughter Ami's name is written in katakana. Ami has blue eyes and short blue hair. She wears glasses like her mother and is always reading a book.

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