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Sailormoon: Manga Powers
More Moon Info:


Moon Prism Power, Make-Up
Her initial transformation phrase
Moon Prism Power, Make-Up

Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Her attack with the rod Neo-Queen Serenity sent her by way of Chibi-usa
Moon Spiral Heart Attack

Moon Frisbee
Her first attack where she throws her tiara
Moon Frisbee

Crisis Make-Up
Using the Holy Grail from the power of the eight senshi (Inner Senshi, herself, and the three main Outer Senshi), she becomes SuperSailorMoon
Crisis Make-Up

Moon Power
What she says to transform into other people
Moon Power

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
Her attack with her rod as SuperSailorMoon
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

Moon Twilight Flash
Her attack with her second tiara where upon a bright light flashes from the stone
Moon Twilight Flash

Double Rainbow Moon
Heart Ache
Her attack with SuperSailorChibimoon in tankubon 10
Double Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

Moon Healing Escalation
She uses the Moon Stick to say this and heals/awakens people
Moon Healing Escalation

Moon Crisis Make-Up
Her transformation with her new brooch to become SuperSailormoon
Moon Crisis Make-Up

Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up
Her second transformation phrase
Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up

Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Her attack with her Moon Kaleidoscope
Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Moon Princess Halation
Her attack where she uses the rod formed from the love between her and Tuxedo Kamen
Moon Princess Halation

Silver Moon Crystal Power,
Her words to become Eternal Sailormoon
Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up

Moon Cosmic Power,
Her third transformation phrase
Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up

Double Starlight Honeymoon
Theraphy Kiss
Her dual attack with Chibimoon in tankubon 17
Double Starlight Honeymoon Theraphy Kiss

Starlight Honeymoon
Theraphy Kiss
Eternal Sailormoon's first attack
Silvermoon Crystal
Power Kiss
Her second attack as Eternal Sailormoon

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