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Sailormoon: Manga
More Moon Info:



Name: Tsukino Usagi
Birthday: June 30
Blood Type: 0
Sign: Cancer
Favorite Colors: Pink and white
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hobby: Eating cake, eat, sleep
Favorite Subject: Home economics
Worst Subject: Math, English
Has Trouble With: Dentists, Ghosts
Strong Points: Brownnosing, Crying
Dream: To be a bride

Usagi's Family

In present-day Tokyo, Usagi is the only daughter of Tsukino Kenji and Tsukino Ikuko. She has a younger brother, Shingo. In the past as Princess Serenity, her mother was Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium. In the future as Neo-Queen Serenity, Usagi's family consists of her husband, King Endymion, and her daughter, Princess Lady Serenity (or Small Lady).
Tsukino Kenji
Tsukino Ikuko
Tsukino Shingo

  • Tsukino Usagi is introduced as the main character in, obviously, Act 1.
  • Usagi's identity as Sailormoon is revealed in Act 1.
  • "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up" to transform into Sailormoon and "Moon Frisbee," Moon's first attack, are both introduced in Act 1.
  • "Moon Power," the ablitity to transform into others, is first used in Act 2.
  • "Moon Twilight Flash," Moon's second attack with her new tiara, is used initially in Act 4.
  • "Moon Healing Escalation" with the Moon Stick is used first in Act 6.
  • In Act 9, Usagi's past identity as Princess Serenity of the Silver Millennium is revealed.
  • Sailormoon ressurects the Silver Millennium with the ginzuishou in Act 13 when she defeats Metallia.
  • "Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up" to transform into Sailormoon is first used by Usagi in Act 13.
  • "Moon Princess Halation" is used by Moon after she and Tuxedo Kamen create her new rod in Act 14.
  • Usagi discovers that she is Neo-Queen Serenity, married to King Endymion, the leader of Crystal Tokyo in the 30th century, in Act 19. In the same act, she learns that Chibi-usa is her daughter.
  • "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up," the phrase to become Sailormoon in S is first called out by Usagi in Act 24.
  • "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" is first used in Act 25.
  • "Crisis Make-Up" is what Sailormoon yells to become SuperSailormoon with the power of her friends and herself using the Holy Grail in Act 30. She also begins to use "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache."
  • "Double Rainbow Moon Heart Ache" is SuperSailormoon's one time attack with SuperSailorChibimoon in Act 33.
  • Usagi is given the phrase "Moon Crisis Make-Up" to transform without the Holy Grail into SuperSailormoon in Act 34. In the same act, she receives the power of "Moon Gorgeous Meditation."
  • "Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up" is Usagi's henshin phrase to become Eternal Sailormoon. She also uses "Starlight Honeymoon Theraphy Kiss," her first attack, in the same act, which is Act 42.
  • "Double Starlight Honeymoon Theraphy Kiss" is used only once with Chibimoon in Chibi-usa's fourth picture diary.
  • Eternal Sailormoon's second attack, "Silvermoon Crystal Power Kiss" is used first in Act 50.
To Moon's Powers and Attacks

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