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Tsukino Usagi / Sailormoon
More Moon Info:

Kana for Moon

SuperSailormoon and the Holy Grail

Meaning: Rabbit of the Moon
Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Family Members: Father (Magazine Editor), Mother (Dedicated Housewife), Shingo (Fifth Grade)
Interests: Sleeping, Eating things
Sports: None
Favorite Color: Pink, White
Favorite Class: Home Economics
Least Favorite Class: English, Math
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Cake
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Hopes To Go To: Palace of Versailles
Fortune Tells: Usagi and Naru go to a fortune telling house
Small Habit: Crying to Cheat People (Cries to get what she wants)
Good At: Crying, Sleeping
Likes: Pure white rabbits
Dislikes: Dentists
Motto: Kids who sleep grow up quickly.
Favorite Stone: Diamond
Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono

Usagi is a crybaby, whiny, ditzy, walking disaster area. She doesn't take fighting seriously (not at first anyway), and she always complains. However, she is powerful as Sailormoon and has a kind heart. She is always willing to save anyone rather than kill; in the R movie she gives up to Fioret rather than let her friends die; in S she refuses to let the Outer Senshi destroy Hotaru and Mistress 9; and in SuperS she leaps off a building high in the sky to save a plummeting Chibimoon. Usagi is extremely naive, innocent, and too trusting, as she tends not to know what is going on and trusts anybody and everybody. (She thinks that Luna and Artemis are just 'good friends;' she trusts the Starlights immediately.)

She is the first Sailor Senshi after Sailor V. Usagi was walking to school one day when she happened to save a cat from being tortured. The cat in actuality was Luna, and her job was to find the Sailor Senshi and the Moon Princess. After a long series of complicated events, which included finding the other four senshi, Usagi found out that she was Princess Serenity.

Usagi has three lives in a sense. In the past, she was Princess Serenity; now she is Tsukino Usagi and Sailormoon, and in the future, she rules Crystal Tokyo (a utopia) as Neo-Queen Serenity. Her lover, boyfriend, and future husband (respectively) is Chiba Mamoru, otherwise known as Tuxedo Kamen and Prince/King Endymion. Her child from the future is Chibi-Usa.

Usagi is the best possible leader of the Sailor Senshi, and the most important person, obviously. She usually always ends up with the last attack to destroy the monster of the day, and for the most part is the one that defeats the final villain, though in SMS, that is debatable, as Saturn was actually the one who might have been responsible for destroying Master Pharoah 90.

As Sailormoon, she has a variety of forms:

Sailormoon: Her first form in the first season, R, and early S.

SuperSailormoon: Her forms in late S and in SuperS.

Eternal Sailormoon: Her true form that appears in SailorStars.

Usagi and Luna Sailormoon has, or has had, the following items:

  • Henshin Brooch
  • Pen (to transform into other people)
  • Communicator
  • Moon Stick
  • Ginzuishou
  • Crystal Compact
  • Cutie Moon Rod
  • Communicator Watch
  • Cosmic Heart Compact
  • Spiral Heart Moon Rod
  • Holy Grail
  • Crisis Moon Compact
  • Moon Kaleidoscope
  • Eternal Compact
  • Eternal Tier

    Sailormoon also has a lot of attacks and powers:


    Moon Prism Power, Make-Up: Her first words to become Sailormoon using the brooch that Luna gives her

    Moon Tiara Action: Moon's first attack where she throws her tiara at the youma, destroying it

    Moon Tiara Stardust: Her one time attack that is essentially like Moon Tiara Action, only she sprinkles dust over children that are possessed by funny rabbit-like enemies, healing them

    Moon Healing Escalation: Her healing power using the Moon Stick to revert the carriers of the nijizuishou back into their human forms; also works on evil Endymion initially

    Sailormoon Kick: Her own specially named kick, in the fashion of Sailor V

    Moon Power, Ni nare: What Usagi says to transform into other people

    Moon Prism Power: Princess Serenity says this in her final battle against Beryl

    Sailormoon R:

    Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up: Usagi's words to become Sailormoon with her first compact she receives from Queen Serenity

    Moon Princess Halation: Her attack using the Cutie Moon Rod

    Sailormoon Body Slam: Where Moon body slams into an enemy, ie Cooan

    Moon Crystal Power: Moon says this to heal the Ayakashi sisters with the ginzuishou. She also uses it during the battle against Wiseman.

    Sailormoon S:

    Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up: Usagi's third phrase to become Sailormoon

    Double Sailor Moon Kick: A flying kick attack done in unison with Sailorchibimoon

    Crisis, Make-Up: Sailormoon's secondary transformation to temporarily become SuperSailormoon using the Holy Grail

    Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Sailormoon's attack using the Spiral Heart Moon Rod that creates a big heart to smash into the enemy

    Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: SuperSailormoon's attack. Called "Rainbow Moon Heart Quake" in the SuperS movie album.

    Sailormoon SuperS:

    Moon Crisis, Make-Up: Usagi says this to become SuperSailormoon

    Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Her ultra cool attack using the Moon Kaleidoscope

    Sailormoon SailorStars:

    Moon Eternal, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to become Eternal Sailormoon

    Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Her first healing power that turns the farce Sailor Senshi back into their human forms

    Silvermoon Crystal Power Kiss: The power that Eternal Sailormoon receives from SailorChibiChibi

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