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Chibi-usa / Sailorchibimoon
More Chibimoon Info:

Moon in kana

SuperSailorChibimoon Birthday: June 30
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Red, Pink
Hobby: Collecting usagi/rabbit goods
Favorite Food: Pudding
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Worst Subject: Languages
Has Trouble With: Taking care of the house
Strong Point: Getting people to give her things
Dream: Becoming a lady
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Seiyuu: Araki Kae

Chibi-usa's real name is Tsukino Usagi, but the nickname that everyone calls her by at home is 'Small Lady.' Chibi-Usa comes from Crystal Tokyo, the Utopia in the 30th century. She is Neo-Queen Serenity's and King Endymion's only daughter, or can also be referred as Usagi's and Mamoru's future child.

The pink-haired "Rabbit" first arrives in Sailormoon R with her Luna-P (a magical ball that looks like Luna) by landing on top of Usagi and Mamoru while the two lovers are kissing. Chibi-usa sees Usagi and demands to know why they have the same hair style and who Usagi is. Usagi says that she's Tsukino Usagi. Chibi-usa replies that if the other girl is really Usagi, then she must have the ginzuishou. Chibi-usa pulls out a gun. Usagi thinks it's real, but when Chibi-usa shoots it, the "bullet" turns out just to be a dart. She then runs off.

Chibi-usa had just left the future after her mother was blasted during an attack by the Black Moon, the enemies during Sailormoon R. The guardian senshi (the future forms of the Sailor Team) sealed Neo-Queen Serenity in crystal to protect her, but she fell into a deep sleep and would not wake up. Chibi-usa feels that since she was handling her mother's ginzuishou when it vanished, it is her fault that her mother is in trouble. She decides to go back into the past to get the past ginzuishou. When she was a child, Chibi-usa was told stories about the legendary Sailormoon by her parents, but she did not know that Neo-Queen Serenity was Sailormoon/Usagi in the past. She decides to go back into the past to get the ginzuishou from Sailormoon. (Note: I'm not sure why/how Chibi-usa knows that Tsukino Usagi has the ginzuishou if Sailormoon is supposed to have it, but Chibi-usa doesn't know Usagi is Sailormoon.)

Chibi-usa hypnotizes Usagi's family into believing that she's their cousin, and subsequently starts living with them, in Usagi's room. Chibi-usa is rude and disrespectful to Usagi, who resents Chibi-usa's prescence, and Chibi-usa tries to figure out which of Usagi's friends has the ginzuishou. Meanwhile, the Black Moon is after Chibi-usa and the ginzuishou that they think she has in her possession. Chibi-usa has a tendency to let out massive amounts of energy from a crescent moon on her forehead when she is really upset or in danger, so the Black Moon often follows these energy releases in order to find her.

Chibi-usa eventually discovers who the Sailor Senshi are when she sees them transform in order to rescue Beruche and Cooan from their sisters Calaberas and Petz. Chibi-usa later takes the senshi to the future with her, where they actually meet Sailorpluto in person before the Door of Space and Time. When they enter the crystal palace in Crystal Tokyo, the Senshi learn about their future, the Black Moon family, and the Silence from King Endymion. Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen are told that they are Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, and their future daughter is Chibi-usa.

Anyway, when Sailormoon's ginzuishou fails to awaken Neo-Queen Serenity, Chibi-usa runs away. Wiseman finds her and kidnaps her, twisting her memories and thoughts of her family. Chibi-usa believes that her parents and the Sailor Senshi never loved her, and she transforms into Black Lady, an older, much better built evil version of herself. Black Lady is intent on destroying the Sailor Senshi and taking over the world with Wiseman. During the final battle with Wiseman, Usagi transforms into Neo-Queen Serenity, and, with the help of Tuxedo Kamen, revives Black Lady's real memories of her childhood with her parents and with the girls in the 20th century. Black Lady realizes that she isn't alone and has many people who love her, and she becomes Chibi-usa again. Sailormoon as Neo-Queen Serenity goes off to fight Wiseman by herself, determined to use the ginzuishou's power; Chibi-usa starts to cry because she thinks it's her fault Usagi will die. One of her tears turns into the future ginzuishou, and Chibi-usa realizes that when she was touching it and it disappeared, it must have entered her body. She transforms into Princess Serenity, and together with Sailormoon, she helps destroy Wiseman.

After the battle, Chibi-usa says good-bye to all the girls in the past, hugging Usagi and thanking "mama". She then returns to the future. She sees Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and the adult Sailor Senshi waiting for her. Chibi-usa runs into her mother's arms happily.

Chibi-usa returns in Sailormoon S as Sailorchibimoon, a Sailor Senshi in training. Chibimoon's attacks are pretty weak though, and her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" usually doesn't work the first time she tries it. Most of the daimons treat her as a joke. She does have some usefulness once in a while, though. Chibi-usa's real duty in the present is to make friends, since Neo-Queen Serenity told her it was something very important she must do. On her quest to find friends, Chibi-usa eventually meets and likes Tomoe Hotaru, a lonely girl. Chibi-usa also is happy when she sees Meioh Setsuna, whom she still calls "Puu." Setsuna tells her that her name is "Meioh Setsuna", but Chibi-usa says she'll call her "Setsuna" when Setsuna stops calling her "Small Lady."

Chibi-usa is targetted by Kaolinite for her pure heart; Kaolinite thinks she'll give Chibi-usa's pure heart crystal, which she believes is the purest of all, to the Messiah of Silence. She captures Chibimoon, and then the Messiah of Silence, who is controlling Hotaru, swallows Chibi-usa's heart crystal. Chibi-usa is on the verge of death, and Mamoru links his life to hers to keep her alive. After Hotaru defeats Mistress 9 and becomes Sailorsaturn, Saturn comes to Chibi-usa and returns her heart crystal, thanking her. When Chibi-usa wakes up, she is worried about Hotaru since no one knows where she is; by coincidence, she meets Tomoe who is holding baby Hotaru. Chibi-usa sees that Hotaru is starting a new life and will be happier now, she she feels a lot better. In episode 127, Chibi-usa receives a letter from the future telling her that her parents miss her very much. Chibi-usa feels depressed because she doesn't want to return to the future so soon, but the other girls are planning a party for her so she thinks that they don't want her around anymore. In reality, the other girls don't want her to go either, and Usagi and Chibi-usa part in tears as Chibi-usa is drifted upwards into the sky to return to the future. Not a long time later does Chibi-usa return to the past, to help fight the last remaining daimon; when Sailormoon asks why she returned, Chibimoon says that the Sailor Senshi can't get on without her. Chibimoon then gets another letter from her mother which thanks her for gifts, tells Chibi-usa to behave herself, and PS, bring more gifts next time.

SuperS focuses mainly on Chibi-usa and the Sailor Team. Chibi-usa's pet kitty, Diana (the daughter of Luna and Artemis), also makes her first appearance. Chibi-usa helps (H)elios, the Pegasus, from being captured by the Dead Moon Circus. Chibi-usa, the Maiden, has the most beautiful dreams, and it is in her dreams that Pegasus stays dormant. Chibi-usa therefore has the Golden Mirror which the Dead Moon Circus is searching for in order to get ahold of Pegasus. Pegasus gives Chibi-usa and Usagi the ability to transform into their super versions, SuperSailorchibimoon and SuperSailormoon. Outside of senshi work, Pegasus gives Chibi-usa advice. Chibi-usa develops a crush on (H)elios in his human form, and the feeling is mutual. At the end of SuperS, Chibimoon uses the Golden Crystal and calls on the people of Earth who have beautiful dreams to help her activate it. The Golden Crystal responds to this energy, and the Dead Moon Circus is destroyed. Neherenia, however, escapes on a part of the circus that flies up into the air; she also has an unconscious Chibimoon in her arms. SuperSailormoon goes to save her, and after Neherenia is confronted by her, Neherenia throws Chibimoon over the edge. SuperSailormoon leaps after her, and she transforms into Princess Serenity; Serenity manages to catch Chibimoon, but they still have no way of stopping. Serenity pleads for Chibimoon to wake up, and Chibimoon does, speaking to her. Pegasus hears her voice, and he saves the two girls. At the end of SuperS, the Sailor Senshi say good-bye to (H)elios. (H)elios bends down to kiss Chibi-usa's hand, which surprises everyone else. The other girls and Mamoru are then distracted by a UFO in the sky that the Amazoness Quartet create, seeing if they still have some magic ability (and who also want to give Chibi-usa and (H)elios some privacy), and while the girls and Mamoru are preoccupied, Chibi-usa gives (H)elios a big hug. (H)elios then leaves.

In SailorStars' first arc, Chibi-usa is about to go back to the future. However, hundreds of "shooting stars" appear in the sky, and the long beam of light called the Cherry Way that Chibi-usa is supposed to enter so that she can return home disappears. Chibi-usa therefore can't depart just yet. Later, Mamoru is kidnapped by Queen Neherenia. Chibi-usa is caught in a time paradox since she is on the verge of disappearing because of this. Chibimoon in fact does eventually disappear, but when Mamoru is released from Neherenia's captivity, she returns to existance. Chibi-usa is not in the second arc of SailorStars since she has returned to the future. She only appears in a dream Usagi has in episode 198.

She has two forms as Chibimoon:

Chibimoon Sailorchibimoon [Sailormoon S]

SuperSailorchibimoon [SuperS - SailorStars]

As Chibi-usa, she has the following powers:

Luna-P Henge: Her Luna-P transforms into or makes something for her

The energy released from her crescent moon

She has the following items:

  • Luna-P
  • Prism Brooch
  • Pink Sugar Stick
  • Crisis Compact
  • Crystal Carillon
  • Chibimoon Kaleidoscope
  • Stallion Reve

    As Chibimoon, she has the following powers:

    Sailormoon S

    Moon Prism Power, Make-Up: Her henshin phrase to become Sailorchibimoon

    Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Pink hearts come from her wand... sometimes

    Sailormoon SuperS

    Moon Crisis, Make-Up: Her words to become SuperSailorchibimoon

    Twinkle Yell: What she says to call Pegasus in conjuction with her ringing carillon to help her and SuperSailormoon. Before this she says, "Pegasus! Help protect everyone's dreams!"

    Moon Gorgeous Meditation: Only used in the SuperS movie with SuperSailormoon

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